Meet Our Instructors

Patti    MPandKate
Patti Fenwick (between riders); Kate Perri (walking with rider) and Mary Pat Meagher (leading pony)

PATTI FENWICK: Patti was born at Olney Farm, the first daughter of the owners, Ami and Bill Howard. She has ridden since she was six months old and has competed in hunters, jumpers and in eventing. She has also race ridden and has her license as a timber horse trainer. She currently gallops race horses, teaches in Monkton near her home and teaches at Olney on Saturdays. She teaches beginners and intermediate riders. She is a mother of three, Will, Bobby and Kate.

MP on OhMyMARY PAT MEAGHER: Mary Pat has ridden at Olney since she was very young. She owns several horses of her own and has raised and trained a horse herself. She is a registered USDF “L” judge in dressage. She has judged at many horse trials, including Fair Hill. She teaches beginner through intermediate hourly lessons Wed thru Saturday, and private lessons during the week, as well as schooling horses for clients. She is a mother of three; Hilary, Nathan and John.

Kate KATE PERRI was born on the farm too. She is the third daughter. She competed as a teenager and was USEA AREA II Junior Training Champion when she was 15. She stopped riding to have a career, get married and have three kids, Ellee, Eddie and Charlie. She has regular groups on Sundays and Monday. She runs the Farm Camp and also teaches in the Horsemanship Camps.

Kate on Smarty  MP on Mardi

Lesson Fees -  group of 3-6 students - $40/hour
                        semi private - $50/hour
                        private - $60/hour

For More Info about Lessons, contact:
Kate Perri, or Ami Howard,

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