Olney CrackerJack Has a New Home!

Olney CrackerJack has moved to his new home -- with knee deep shavings,
a pillow of hay and a picture window of beautiful Ships Quarters Farm! (12/15)


2015 BABIES!

Cinco De My-Oh and her momma, Oh My! (photo by Caitlin Burton)

Colorado Bob and his momma! (photo by Caitlin Burton)

Smartee’s baby -- Crackerjack! (photo by Kate Howard Perri)

Mardi Gras’s baby -- Calamity Jane! (photo by Kate Howard Perri)



LOLLIPOP, Shetland gelding, by imported Scottish Shetland out of Olney Whoopee's family. $950 (09.08.14)

Breaking Olney ponies to drive!

Bucky at training school.


Memorial Day WIHS Shetland Pony Steeplechase Exhibition, Devon Horse Show and Country Fair

DEVON HORSE SHOW & COUNTRY FAIR (to see video, go to: On-Demand Video from Day 5 (May 26) & Day 6 (May 27) 2014)

Shauna B. Alexander Photo by Shauna B. Alexander for Washington International Horse Show

Truitt (Olney Tuesday), Colin Smith (Smarty Pants), and Heather Euler (Olney Mardi Gras) over a fence in the Charles Owen sponsored Shetland Pony Steeplechase at The Devon Horse Show. This was the first leg in the the Washington International Horse Show Shetland Pony Steeplechase Race Championship Series!

And the winner is.... Olney Smarty Pants!
Trained by Kate Perri/Lia McGuirk and ridden by Colin Smith. Congrats!

Cricket the Wonder Pony was the winner of Division II! Wahoo! Congrats Cricket!.


The Boys say “Hi!”

Shetland Foxhunting - November 2012

OLNEY QP with Rumsey Keefe and little Keefe

Smarty Pants with Emmy McGuirk and MardiGras with Ellee Perri in front at the Jr Hunt Cup races.


Ellee Perri riding Olney Smarty Pants and Carmen Montano is riding Olney MardiGras. They raced at Laurel Park during the Md Million! It was lots of fun!

Third Race at Pimlico, May 6, 2012


Olney Shetlands make Grand Showing at
Maryland Jr. Hunt Cup


Olney Farm jocks, hit the board in first and second place!
   Olney Smarty Pants, with Emmy McGuirk up, just nosed out Olney Mardi Gras, with Ellee Perri in the irons, in the Shetland Flat Race of the Maryland Jr. Hunt Cup, Sunday May 1st, 2011.
Olney Phunny Bones under jockey Hillary Robertson finished fourth.
   Under the watchful eye of trainer Lia McGuirk and accomplished grooms Kelsea Blazek, Becca Westermeyer, Antoinette Eikenberg and Madison Norman, the Olney team of jockeys, McGuirk, Perri, and Robertson, clad in the Olney Farm silks of Blue, White, Gray with white star, completed the field of six, in the 9th race of the day.
    With the drop of the starter's flag, Puck, ridden by Daisy Fenwick took to the front, but was quickly joined by Smarty Pants and Mardi Gras. The three battled neck and neck for most of the quarter-mile race, until Emmy McGuirk urged Smarty Pants across the finish line first, just a neck in front of Mardi Gras & her cousin, Ellee Perri. Daisy Fenwick and Puck finished 3rd.
   At the start, Olney Phunny Bones was content to enjoy the crowd and atmosphere, until he was snapped to attention by jockey Hillary Robertson's "Grrrrrrrr's" and finished 4th, just behind Puck, with a nice late kick.
   Knick-Knack, ridden by Tommy Fenwick and Cricket with Olivia Reynolds, rounded out the field.
   Following the race, the Olney team enjoyed a huge"celebratory cookie" provided by Mr. Raymond Russell...

Top Photos: (right) Ellee on Mardi Gras and groom, Antoinette. (left) Olney silks. Photos by Kate Perri.


Fair Hill Shetland Pony Races

Olney Smartypants and Olney Q.P. (owned by Rumsey and Ryan Keefe) ridden by the Canadian team and Olney Mardigras ridden by Karen O'Connor  to start and Phillip Dutton to finish (both on U.S. WEG Team) and Taffy (owned by Olney boarder, Jessica Napoli), ridden by Buck Davidson and Boyd Martin (also U.S. Team). Click on photo to see the YouTube video.

Boyd Martin on Taffy at the "pro" riders relay race, Fair Hill International.
Photo by Jeff Beshear of Old Dominion Equine and Brickland Farm

About Olney Shetland Ponies

In 1920, Olney Farm started a pony breeding business. Over the years, our Shetland Ponies have been selectively bred for for their hardiness and unflappable temperament....resulting in a wonderful child's first pony.


The Shetland Pony Society of North America has just become organized in order to encourage and promote the breeding and registering of the original Shetland pony type from the British Isles -- Olney ponies are a great example of that!

Rapunzel Oh My Mardi Gras
Rapunzel Olney Oh My! Olney Mardi Gras

Headshot photos by Kristin Acampora

Xwinds, aka The Buck, born June 4, 2010. He was born on the day of the strong winds that blew down the big trees (and it is the X year) hence the name Xwinds (Crosswinds), but how do you call him with that name (crossy? Windy?), so he is nicknamed Buck for his versatility in jumping all over the place.


Olney UpziDazi (above) learning to drive.

Olney Butterfly

It's not unusual for a Shetland Pony to live more than thirty years. Olney Butterfly, Olney Gepeto X Medical Hall Collette, (above) is doing very well at 20 years old, and certainly doesn't look her age. She lives on a ranch in Genola, Utah with J.T.'s Touch of Silver, T.J.'s High Steppin X Olney Pansy, who is 18.

Young ponies are still available. We offer breaking and schooling to ride as well as drive for Shetlands - and up!   


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