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Caroling 2015!

Photos by Katherine Fiedler

Olney Farm brings home lots of awards from the 2012 MCTA award banquet! Kelsea Blasek and Olivia Giachini also won but couldn't make the banquet. (l to r: Janelle Keberle, Katie Kindley Novotny, Megan Catherine, Ellie Perri, Kate Howard.

The Mill Benefit Trail Ride – October 14, 2012 • Photos by Kristin Burton

Olney Farm boarders and friends at the Mill’s Benefit Trail Ride.

    Clockwise: Ray & Hailey; Lisie & Tommy; Paige & Corona; From behind!

Lester & Libby   goose
Left: Lester (dog) babysits Libby who had to stay in by herself.
Right: Goose knows how to cool off!

Olney Farm HT • July 24, 2011 (Photos: Kristin Acampora)
  Above: Photos: Kristin Acampora • OFHT - July 24, 2011

Halloween Games Show, October, 2010

Kayla&dusty Hillary&Abby

August 1, 2010 HT -- BN HELMETCAM!

Shawan Downs 2010 -- Lia McGuirk on Aerial II
Lia's first recognized training and she finished 6th.

(Photos by Leslie Bertram)

(Photos by Janelle Keberle)

Farm Camp, June 22-26, 2009

Olney Farm Recognized HT - August 3, 2008 (Photos by Caught by a Flash)
St. Margaret’s PC Olney Farm HT - May 18, 2008
Summer Camp Photos -- 2008
October 26, 2008 - Lesson Show Lesson Show
April 20, 2008 - Combined Training Show
(Photos by Caught by a Flash)
February 2008 - Lesson Games Show

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