Olney Summer Camp

We go all out for our campers!

Photo by MaryPat Meagher

CAMP DATES FOR 2018 TO COME: Limited to 24.  

Farm Camp -- TBD
This camp is for the younger kids. Find out what it's like to be a farm kid. Feed the animals, play in the hay barn, ride and take care of ponies and much more!
Intro Rider Camp -- TBD
Horsemanship Camp 1 -- TBD
This is our hunter show camp and more geared towards new and beginner riders, although there is plenty of room for more advanced riders!
Horsemanship Camp 2 -- TBD
Eventing camp! Learn all about dressage, show jumping and cross country. Beginners are welcome but we will challenge our more advanced riders to get them ready to compete or move up a level.

For more info: elmoperri@msn.com




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